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Campus Ministry

Our campus Ministry program goals are two-fold; first to be the faith family for our Catholic students on Campus. Many of them are away from home for the first time and we are a Parish for them. We are here to help them grow closer to Christ.


Our second goal is to open our doors to the rest of the students on Campus -- to invite anyone in who may be culturally Catholic, but not engaged in their faith, as well as students who are searching for something but are not sure what they are searching for --to welcome them all in. 

Catholic Charities Talbot House

In 2008, Bill received a call from his son Michael who was away at medical school. Michael was in crisis--addicted to drugs and plummeting out-of-control.

Searching for a safe environment to get Michael help, Bill found Talbot House.

At first Michael didn’t want to stay--but 22 days after he moved in--Michael was a different person.

“Talbot House gave our son back to us. It’s a wonderful resource. Michael fully credited Talbot House and his counselor with his recovery. Michael went on to graduate from medical school with the intention of working in the area of addiction medicine.”

Michael’s life was cut short when, on the way to visit his grandmother, his car was hit head-on by an impaired driver.

Inspired by his son’s desire to help those with addiction, today Bill volunteers at Talbot House as a spiritual education counselor helping residents address the topics and events that may be holding them back from recovery.

“Michael said he owed his life to Talbot House. I know I belong here carrying on his work.”

"Talbot House gave our son back to us. It’s a wonderful resource. Michael fully credited Talbot House and his counselor with his recovery. "

Education: Sharing Our Faith

Peter and Lauren Tietz are dedicated to bringing the joy of our faith to their children and also sharing that joy with other parents at their Parish.

“Being involved in the Baptism Preparation program has been wonderful! It has been an opportunity for all of us to come together and a chance to learn more about each other. Each time we talk to other parents about raising children Catholic and bringing them into the church, we learn more about our own faith and relationships, “ shared Lauren.


“Being involved with our Parish helps us to serve our community and show our children what it means to help people. Leading by example we want them to know that God has given each of us talents we can share with others. At the Parish we get to have fun and be with our family--what else can you ask for?” shared Peter.

Respect Life: Providing Bright Futures

Jane was 17 years old, pregnant, facing emotional difficulties, and living in foster care when she came to Catholic Charities’ Regina Residence program for young women dealing with untimely pregnancies.

Jane received individual counseling and support from the residential staff at Regina, as well as life skills training so necessary for new mothers. She was encouraged to go back to high school so that she could get her diploma, and have a better chance of supporting her new family. Not only did Jane graduate high school, but she continued her education and began a successful career.

Today, working full-time, attending college, and living in her own apartment, Jane is a wonderful mom to her beautiful little boy, and attends college in the evening.

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