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Pray For Our Veterans

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This Veteran’s Day, say thank you to a special veteran in your life or to all veterans who have heroically served and are currently serving our nation by making a gift to the Catholic Ministries Appeal in their honor.

We will send an acknowledgment to that special Veteran, surprising him or her that a gift to help other veterans was made in their name.  If you do not have a specific veteran in mind, know that your donation to the Catholic Ministries Appeal will help us to serve other veterans in need.  You can add a special prayer request, too.

Charles’ Story
Charles spent 17 years deployed at military bases throughout the world. Returning home after an incident involving nerve gas, he began struggling with debilitating bouts of anxiety and depression.  His circumstances worsened and he couldn’t maintain a steady job. Charles moved in with his mother, but within a year she died and his childhood home went into foreclosure.

Catholic Charities’ Project Veterans’ Independence, which guides homeless veterans into permanent housing so they can live independently and have access to support networks that get them back on their feet, reached out and helped Charles.

“I was out of the service, out of a family, out of a job and out of a home. Catholic Charities found me and helped me to not only find a place to live - but they helped me to turn my life around.” - Charles, honorably discharged US Veteran

Additionally, your support allows us to be instruments of Dramatic Missionary Growth by reaching out to our seniors and people with disabilities, providing housing and food programs to those in need.

We also ask that you join us in praying for all veterans.

About the Catholic Ministries Appeal (CMA):      
Your donation to the CMA allows the Diocese of Rockville Centre to serve more than 600,000 people in our Long Island Community. This includes support for Catholic Charities’ programs, such as Project Veterans, as it provides housing and social services to veterans in need. 100% of every dollar raised is restricted to serve the objectives, programs, and mission supported by the Catholic Ministries Appeal.

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