This Mother's Day, honor your mother, or the important person in your life who has acted like a mother to you, by donating to the Catholic Ministries Appeal. We will then send an acknowledgment to that special Mom, surprising her that a gift to help other Moms was made in her name.  Please fill out the form below and once you hit Submit, then Click To Make Your Donation.


About the Catholic Ministries Appeal (CMA):    

Your donation to the CMA allows the Diocese of Rockville Centre to serve more than 600,000 people in our Long Island Community. This includes support for Catholic Charities as it maintains its services to mothers with untimely pregnancies by providing them with life skills to become the best mother and provider they can be. 


Through Parish Outreach programs, your support will assist Moms who worry about how they are going to put food on the table for their children while providing programs that will help them to assist their children in growing closer to the Lord. 


In addition, your support allows us to be instruments of Dramatic Missionary Growth by reaching out to our young people and others to find the best ways to guide and pass on our faith for our next generation of mothers and caregivers.   

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