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Learn, Serve, Lead, Succeed

"Together we recognize the extraordinary contribution that our Catholic Schools across Long Island make by forming young missionary disciples, on fire with love for our Lord Jesus and the mission of the Catholic Church…"

- Bishop John O. Barres

In the Diocese of Rockville Centre:

  • Catholic schools are visible signs of God's love and the mission of the Church serving parish and local communities.

  • Catholic schools integrate our Catholic faith and culture into all areas of life.

  • Catholic schools are committed to academic excellence utilizing emergent technologies to enhance learning.

  • Catholic schools build on the past and prepare for the future and educate students to be the leaders of tomorrow.   

  • Catholic schools involve and seek the support of clergy, parents, and guardians in the education and spiritual development of students.

  • Catholic school administrators, teachers, and staff are competent, caring, and committed professionals who value and respect all in the school community.

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